What is EagleGet Silent Mode?

The new version of EagleGet introduced Silent Mode (or “Game Mode”). If you are watching a movie / playing a game in the full screen environment (or any other scenarios like this), the feature will be useful to you.

Once you enabled Silent Mode, EagleGet will no longer show any pop up dialogs (including “Add Download” dialog when URL is clicked) or play any sound notifications, the floated TaskMonitor will also be hidden.

There are two ways to turn on or off this feature.

Method 1
What is EagleGet Silent Mode
Click on EagleGet Main Menu, or right click on TaskMonitor/Taskbar, choose “Silent Mode” (or “Exit Silent Mode”).

Method 2

Click on “Configurations” button on the EagleGet main window, and then switch to “Notification” tab in the Configurations window. You will find the “Silent Mode” checkbox.
What is EagleGet Silent Mode
Please Note
The other options under “Notification” tab will be disabled once you activated Silent Mode.

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