Auto categorize downloads with EagleGet

EagleGet can auto categorize your downloads into separate folders depending on the file type (multimedia, documents, compressed or executable files). If you want to enable this feature, please use the following steps:

1. Launch EagleGet, click on the Configurations button.
EagleGet Configurations
2. Check the “Auto categorize downloads” box under General tab.
Auto categorize downloads with EagleGet
3. Choose the category and then set the default download folder for it.
4. Additionally, you can fully customize download categories by adding, editing or removing them.
Auto categorize downloads with EagleGet
5. Click Done to confirm the configurations.

Note: If you want to download all files into one folder, please disable this feature by unchecking “Auto categorize downloads” in step 2; The “Remember last folder used” option is still available in this case.