Free Chrome Video Downloader

Free Chrome Video Downloader

There has often been dearth of simple yet effective free Chrome downloader for Windows, thus it’s hard to find a free Chrome downloader that could offer all-in-one solution for downloading files, audios and online video videos in Chrome downloader for one click download.

EagleGet is a new free all-in-one downloader for your PC; you could use EagleGet as Chrome downloader and accelerator. If you are tired of slow Chrome downloaders, or installing many Chrome online video downloader plugins, then EagleGet is precisely what you need.

EagleGet - Free Chrome Downloader, Free Chrome online video Downloader

If you search for Chrome Video Downloaders on Google, you will find so many solutions. In most of these, you should copy the URL of online video or other online video sites to the software every time, then you could download something you want. Moreover, those solutions often support limited video sites, with speed limits and they may encourage you to pay for the “premium features”.

EagleGet has plenty of features and is not just simple Chrome downloader with pause, resume and stop functionality. EagleGet is free Chrome video downloader, Chrome download accelerator, video converter (coming soon) and all of above absolutely free for use. EagleGet not only downloads videos from popular video websites like online video and Dailymotion in Chrome, but also support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol, and file sharing sites like 4shared, Hotfile, Rapidshare, FileRio, and so on. Thus you could use EagleGet as free Chrome 4shared downloader, free Chrome Hotfile downloader, free Chrome FileRio downloader… EagleGet is one of the few Chrome downloader that support download HTTPS link from Chrome browser.

EagleGet - Free Chrome Downloader, Free Chrome online video Downloader

The user interface of EagleGet is very simple to understand, all the control options such as adding new downloads, configurations, video sniffer etc are at the top, whereas your download tasks are listed on the left navigation menu.

EagleGet uses Multi-Threaded Technology, which splits the files to accelerate the download speeds. You could increase download by implementing up to 32 threads for each download task, which could speed up your download by up to 6 times; Softpedia editor has reviewed EagleGet as 5 out of 5 stars download manager, Brazilian largest software portal also gives EagleGet a wonderful remark.

EagleGet - Free Chrome Downloader, Free Chrome online video Downloader

EagleGet manages to fulfill its purpose and improve the download time, especially in the case of large files. During our tests EagleGet retrieved a 3.2GB file in 6’40’’. This result put it ahead of Chrome and Firefox. After 7’50’’ Firefox had downloaded a little over 50% of the file while Google Chrome completed the job in 8’24’’.
by Softpedia

EagleGet is actually a good thing for those looking for a download manager that is easy to use and that is efficient in relation to the increase in download speed. In our tests, we downloaded a large file (about 600 MB). Under normal conditions, the speed remained ranging between 1.2 and 1.4 Mbps; as with the EagleGet, those numbers went up to 2.1 Mbps and 2.5 Mbps.
by (Translated from Portuguese)

In EagleGet forum, users also reports their speed test results of EagleGet.

In my ISP, EagleGet took 1 minutes and 30 seconds to download a 24.1 MB file, while IDM took 3 minutes.

EagleGet has options to integrate with popular browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and IE. Once you integrate with the browser, EagleGet will automatically add download button beside videos and other downloadable files or you can simply use right click context menu option to download with EagleGet. For video downloads, just hover your mouse cursor over the video you want to download, and click the “Download” button which will appear on the video.

Besides accelerating your Chrome downloader speed, EagleGet also provides rich functions and customizations. The EagleGet configuration dialogue box has all the required options which you would like to change. From general options such as download directory, auto start with Windows, minimize to system tray to more complex options such as, browser integrations and default file types to automatically start downloading are available. Moreover, you are able to specify more useful things such as auto categorize Chrome downloader, scan each file downloaded by EagleGet Chrome downloader using your antivirus, schedule downloads by EagleGet Chrome downloader, toggle silent mode of EagleGet Chrome downloader, and so on.

EagleGet - Free Chrome Downloader, Free Chrome online video Downloader

Another good news is, EagleGet now includes the featured automatic refresh expired download address function. You no longer need to download an expired file from beginning. The refresh download address function suppors Chrome, Firefox and IE.

EagleGet - Free Chrome Downloader, Free Chrome online video Downloader

EagleGet Chrome Downloader has visually appealing interface. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, EagleGet’s well-designed interface and task manager will help you do more with doing less, maximize your productivity.

While providing high download speed, rich functionality and smooth experience, EagleGet Chrome downloader insists on freeware license without any additional conditions. That means, no feature or time limitations, no spyware or malware, and you do not need to buy the so-called “advanced features”. Since the content itself is free, you of course do not need to pay to download it.

Accelerate your download speed, it’s that simple! Download and use EagleGet as Chrome downloader for free!


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