Multi-Language Support

The new version of EagleGet supports Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Tamil, Vietnamese. You can switch interface language via the main menu on the upper right corner.

If you find any inaccurate translation or untranslated text, please contact us or submit your translation to our forum.



Thank you for translating EagleGet to your native language. You’re making it easier for people to enjoy EagleGet!

● Enthusiastic user for Arabic Translation
● Радослав Б. Илиев for Bulgarian Translation
● chonghua (重华部落格) for Chinese (Simplified) Translation
● CongCong ( for Chinese (Simplified) Translation
● 歪啵猪 for Chinese (Simplified) Translation
● zkm (低調一點) for Chinese (Traditional) Translation
● Chao-Rong Chiu (超free手札) for Chinese (Traditional) Translation
● Yadon for Chinese (Traditional) Translation
● DODICH (Dodich Informatique) for French Translation
● Grégory HARGOUS (A Propos) for French Translation
● Lustucru80 (Colok-Traductions) for French Translation
● Philippe AGUESSE for French Translation
● Belouineau Marc for French Translation
● Fender for French Translation
● HTest for French Translation
● Adjax for French Translation
● Mr.Hamidi (mr[dot]hamidi92[at]live[dot]com) for Farsi Translation
● Alexej Wagener for German Translation
● Wasilis Mandratzis for German Translation
● Denny Jungbeck for German Translation
● Wasilis Mandratzis for Greek Translation
● Jusztin Tibor for Hungarian Translation
● StefanoV (S.V. Design) for Italian Translation
● Vincenzo Ruggiero for Italian Translation
● Fernando Sannazzaro for Italian Translation
● Giacomo Margarito for Italian Translation
● Fabio Laviola for Italian Translation
● Cendekiawan IT ( for Indonesian Translation
● Tilt (TiltStr 不定期版) for Japanese Translation
● Tommy Raudy (The Apple Work) for Malay Translation
● Kakah (I Luv Laptop) for Malay Translation
● SoWa for Polish Translation
● Tiago Fontes for Portuguese (Europe) Translation
● Rodrigo Pozzebon for Portuguese (Brazil) Translation
● Hélio Márcio Matos dos Santos Filho for Portuguese (Brazil) Translation
● Hugo Cebrian for Portuguese (Brazil) Translation
● Sergio Motta (SoftDownload) for Portuguese (Brazil) Translation
● Vadim Ivashchenko (Hammerate) for Russian Translation
● anonim for Romanian Translation
● Adrián Adry (Windowseguridad) for Spanish Translation
● Nosi JarrechoFurrullo for Spanish Translation
● BlaSebas (sebas pereira) for Spanish (Argentina) Translation
● sonicc34 for Turkish Translation
● volkan koç ( for Turkish Translation
● Hakan Ay for Turkish Translation
● Christopher Ebenezer for Tamil Translation
● Nguyễn Văn Quốc for Vietnamese Translation


We invite you to translate EagleGet into your native language, and recommend EagleGet to your friends.
Click here to download the text file, and then send the translated version to [email protected]

Your name and website address will be displayed in the EagleGet download page as well as acknowledgements list.


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