Enable EagleGet Plug-in and Extension for Firefox

Steps to Properly Integrate EagleGet with Firefox

To get EagleGet work for Firefox, you need to enable both the EagleGet plug-ins and extension properly. Please CAREFULLY follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Enable EagleGet Downloader Extension

  1. After successful installation of EagleGet, launch your Firefox browser.
  2. Check the Allow this installation box and click on the Continue button.
    Enable EagleGet Extension

Step 2 – Repair Browser Extensions

  1. Open Configurations of EagleGet.
  2. Repair EagleGet addons

  3. Switch to Monitoring tab, and then click Repair button.
  4. Repair EagleGet addons

  5. Click the Install button in webpages opened on corresponding web browsers.

Step 3 – Drag and Drop to install EagleGet Extension

Sometimes, you may need to install extension manually.

  1. Find the extension file in EagleGet installaiton path. The default path is: C:\Program Files\EagleGet\addon\ for 32-bit Windows and C:\Program Files (x86)\EagleGet\addon\ for 64-bit Windows.
  2. Drag-and-drop [email protected] file onto the Firefox window.
    Add Firefox Extension

  3. Click on the Install Now button to install it.
    Enable EagleGet Extension
  4. Restart Firefox and Make sure the EagleGet extension is Enabled successfully.
    Enable EagleGet Extension

Note: If you have followed the steps carefully, however, you still have problems. You could email your problem to [email protected] or post a bug post in our forum.

Please describe your problem the more detailed the better. Be sure to give us information including related links, Firefox version, EagleGet version and Windows system version, etc. Thanks very much.