EagleGet User Experience Program (EUEP)

By default, EagleGet does NOT collect user information, or usage data.

The EagleGet User Experience Program (EUEP) is the perfect opportunity for you to help us improve EagleGet products. If you choose to participate by checking “Help us improve EagleGet” option, we will collect anonymous information about your EagleGet configuration and the way you use EagleGet. This will allow us to identify trends and usage patterns.

EUEP runs in the background, collecting information when you click on something that performs an action in EagleGet main program (which does NOT include the EagleGet plugins installed in your browsers). You won’t even know it’s there and EUEP will not slow down the performance of your machine.

The information will be used as a guide during development. Usually, during the design of the interface and features, we take a lot of educated guesses. This data will allow us to look at how people are actually using our product and be of great help to guide design.

EUEP only collects your following behaviors in the main program (EagleGet.exe), and does NOT collect any data from EagleGet plugins installed in your browsers.

– OS and installed browsers versions
– What function you use in EagleGet

The EUEP program will only collect the information described above and will send no personal information about you to EagleGet (which means the data is totally anonymous), and you can opt-out EUEP at any time. Your contact information is not collected by the EUEP, which means you will not be contacted because of your participation in the program. The EUEP will not ask you to participate in surveys or to read junk e-mail, and you will not be contacted in any other way.

For more details about the privacy policy of EagleGet website, please refer to the following webpage.