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EagleGet Portable Version

Download EagleGet Portable v1.1.7.9 (Updated: February 18, 2014, not for distribution or mirroring)


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Release Info

Latest Version: EagleGet v2.0.1.6 Stable
Size: 5.16 MB
Updated: September 13, 2014
Licence: Freeware


What’new in Stable:

1. Continue to improve the resume algorithm (Some servers limit the threads of download and return a 403 code which make the download engine could not set the resume status correctly)

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Can not Drag-and-Drop tasks in the Processing list
2. Sorting option is not working in the Queue list
3. The installer may prompt a unexpected dialog related to the EGMonitor.exe in the installation progress
4. The Log is blank for tasks added from the Media Grabber
5. Tasks added from the Media Grabber are not limited by the ‘Max Simultaneous Downloads’ setting

Knowns issues:

EagleGet is Now only support the Chrome 64-bit. We are working on Firefox 64-bit and other 64-bits.

What’new in Beta:

1. Added the speed limit support for the HTTPS files. However you may not get the ideal limited speed. Because there is a validation process between the client and server that could not controled by EagleGet.
2. Optimzed the resume checking algorithm

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. Video Sniffer won’t work after a computer restart
2. Video Sniffer won’t work for 64-bit browsers
3. The browser extenstion could not work on Windows 64-bit OS
4. Downloading small file under 32 threads may get a corrupted file (EagleGet now use 2 threads for files that are smaller than 300K to avoid this problem)
5. Could not install extension for Chrome & FF in some cases. (Please be aware that if you removed the Chrome extension manually, EagleGet could not install it automatically any more. A manual installation is required. This is limited by the Google Chrome Policy.)
6. In video batch download, The pre-download is not limited by the ‘Max Simultaneous Downlodas’ and some files are named as videoplayback
7. Could not show the correct file checksum value after EagleGet restart
8. The video download button may appear on every tab in Chrome/FF in some cases
9. Could not switch to the Completed list after a single file download
10. Could not switch the List after re-download
11. No file verifying result for a re-download task
12. The log tab of a single task may list logs from multiple tasks
13. ‘Remember Last Folder Used’ could not work as expected
14. ‘Auto Categorize Downloads’ could not work as expected when two categories have the same file formats for monitoring
15. The texts in the leftsider of EagleGet is now multilingual
16. Other minor improvements and fixes

What’new in Beta:

1. A new Icon and UI.
2. Add supports for multi-browser including 64-bit browsers.
3. Added Pre-Download feature to increase the download speed.
4. Added Multiple Schedules (Multiple Queue).
5. Added the Media Grabber.
6. Added Site Manager.
7. Added New Video Sniffer.
8. Added ‘Force Capture’ feature to capture downoads from file hosting sites.
9. Added Category Manager and Schedule Manager.
10. Added Taskbar Progress Preview for Processing tasks.
11. Improved the program performance and memory usage.
12. Other bugs fixes and improvements.

What’new in Stable:

1. Fixed the bug of the Hidden formats missing when first open the video.
2. Fixed the bug that built-in Video Sniffer could not working for Playlist.

More changlogs

System requirements

* 64 MB of RAM
* 6 MB of free disk space
* Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
* Chrome, FireFox, Opera, IE 8 and above

Upcoming Features

1. Multiple Scheduled List of Downloads
2. Support More Video Sniffer

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