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EagleGet Portable Version

Download EagleGet Portable v2.0.3.9 (Updated: May 28, 2015)


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  • Arabic: Enthusiastic user, Tevfik Xung
  • Bulgarian: Радослав Б. Илиев
  • Chinese (Simplified): chonghua (重华部落格), 歪啵猪, 大眼仔~旭
  • Chinese (Traditional): zkm (低調一點), Chao-Rong Chiu (超free手札), Yadon, 夢ノ雨 りっか
  • French: DODICH (Dodich Informatique), Grégory HARGOUS (A Propos), Lustucru80 (Colok-Traductions), Philippe AGUESSE, Belouineau Marc, Fender, HTest, Adjax
  • Farsi: Mr.Hamidi (mr[dot]hamidi92[at]live[dot]com)
  • German: Alexej Wagener, Wasilis Mandratzis, Denny Jungbeck
  • Greek: Wasilis Mandratzis
  • Hungarian: Jusztin Tibor
  • Italian: StefanoV (S.V. Design), Vincenzo Ruggiero, Fernando Sannazzaro, Giacomo Margarito, Fabio Laviola
  • Indonesian: Cendekiawan IT (
  • Japanese: Tilt (TiltStr 不定期版)
  • Malay: Tommy Raudy (The Apple Work), Kakah (I Luv Laptop)
  • Polish: SoWa
  • Portuguese (Europe): Tiago Fontes
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Rodrigo Pozzebon, Hélio Márcio Matos dos Santos Filho, Hugo Cebrian, Sergio Motta (SoftDownload)
  • Russian: Vadim Ivashchenko (Hammerate)
  • Romanian: anonim
  • Spanish: Adrián Adry (Windowseguridad), Nosi JarrechoFurrullo,
  • Spanish (Argentina): BlaSebas (sebas pereira)
  • Turkish: sonicc34, volkan koç (, Hakan Ay
  • Tamil: Christopher Ebenezer
  • Vietnamese: Nguyễn Văn Quốc
  • Bangladesh: Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Chirantan Mitra
  • Khmer: Cuteboykh
  • Kurdish: Haval A. Ahmed, Ragr Ibrahim(, Ragr Ibrahim)
  • Serbian: ozzii.translate
  • Persian: Samad.A.B

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Release Info

Latest Version: v2.0.3.9 Stable
Size: 5.60 MB(5873929 bytes)
Updated: May 28, 2015
Licence: Freeware

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What’s new in v2.0.3.9 Stable

1. Added: The Context Menu for task list.
2. Improved: “Add Download” now can remember users’ last configurations
3. Improved: EagleGet Chrome extension
4. Improved: Automatic detect and install browser extension for Comodo Dragon, Opera, Slimjet
5. Improved: User tips for Media Grabber
6. Fixed: Cannot capture downloads from
7. Fixed: Other minor problems


System requirements

* 64 MB of RAM
* 6 MB of free disk space
* Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
* Chrome, FireFox, Opera, IE 8 and above

Upcoming Features

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