Download EagleGet Portable

Download EagleGet Portable v2.0.4.50

Size: 10.5 MB (11,044,398 bytes)
MD5: BFC47D9D6045BC32D601A68B1E9B919C
SHA1: 681B1B47817C81BF3422F5B078FAF62B58160D6E

Download EagleGet from Softpedia

Uninstall EagleGet Portable

Prepare to use EagleGet Portable

  1. Extract the self-extracting archive (EagleGetProtable.exe) to a folder.
  2. Right click on install.bat file and select ‘Run as Administrator‘ to enable the browser monitoring.
  3. Manually integrate EagleGet Portable to Chrome & Firefox:

If you do not want to use EagleGet Portable any more, just right click on uninstall.bat file and select ‘Run as Administrator‘ to completely remove it.


If you have any problems about the EagleGet Portable Edition, please contact us. Thanks.